Low Iron Glass & Clear Glass - What’s the difference?

These are two samples of 10mm Toughened Reed Glass. All glass contains iron, yet the amount of residual iron in the glass will determine its appearance. Like all glass, they are available in traditional Clear ( Pictured left) which is your standard glass colour, emitting a soft greenish tinge, when compared to the Low-Iron sample ( Pictured right). Depending on the colour scheme in your room , having these options available to you during your decision making, allows you to determine what type of glass will work best ; leaving you satisfied, knowing you have achieved the ultimate finished look with a WOW FACTOR!!

Advantages of Low Iron Glass
The Low Iron Glass excels in all areas where the traditional clear glass fails.

Provides maximum brightness and clarity with a higher visible light transmittance than traditional clear glass. The more transparency, the better result can be achieved for colour matching. This is particularly important when dealing with painted glass splashbacks or use in bathrooms when you are wanting to feature your shower recess and not wanting the frameless shower screen and its coloured edges to distort/detract from any colourings when viewing through.

It is something you need to experience, so feel free to ask Jake to bring along his samples!

Where is Ecoglass located?

We are located at 282 Portarlington Rd, Geelong VIC 3221.

But there is no need to drop by, because we come to you!

What size Pet Door is best for my pet?

When choosing the right sized pet door, please factor in whether your pet will fit through the door when fully grown.

Ecoglass Geelong recommends you make a cardboard template with a cut out of the FLAP size if you are unsure whether your fully grown pet will be able to fit comfortably through the door. The Flap size will be listed next to each door type – Please don’t confuse this with the OVERALL size listed.

Can you cut my pre-existing glass door/window to suit the new pet door?

Whilst Ecoglass Geelong is all about being cost effective as possible, we can not use your existing glass whether it is single or double glazed. In order to safely withstand its use, your panel of glass will need to be replaced and upgraded to a customised A-grade Toughened Safety Glass according to Australian Standard AS1288/2006 with a cut out to suit your specific pet door. If you already have a pre-existing single or double glazed toughened panel, unfortunately, we cannot simply cut-out a hole to suit, this process occurs throughout the toughening process, not after.

Are there any compliance / legal obligations?

All glass intended for pet door installations are required to be upgraded to A-grade Toughened Safety Glass according to Australian Standard AS1288/2006 which will involve a cut-out to suit. Therefore, our pricing includes a complete customised glass replacement.

These doors CANNOT be installed into an unfenced pool area as per Australian Standards AS 1926.1-2012.

What is the process from quote to installation?

Once we receive your request for a quotation and as much of the additional information as possible, we will be in touch with our most competitive pricing.

You need to allow at least 2 weeks from the date of measure to the day of installation. Sometimes this can be sooner or later depending on our workload at the time.

We look forward to you being in touch with us and we hope to be able to make a positive difference in both the lives of you and your loveable pet.